Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday Tell All - Hometown Favorites

As you can tell, it is not Tuesday, but Tuesday was crazy. This week's Tuesday Tell All is "Favorite place to..." so, here we go.

My Favorite Place To...
grab lunch - Wendy's

go for Date night - What night? Date night? Never heard of it. You mean people actually go out just with their spouse? Seriously, Redbox is about as exciting as it gets. (I'm right there with you Anna).

pick up some creative goodies - Roberts, Scrooge & Marley's (great sales back in the barn), local boutiques

keep the kids busy - The park behind our house, the duck pond, McDonald's playground.

get wet - sprinklers in the front yard (for the kids). For me it's a swimming pool. I love to swim.

buy a treat - Coldstone

shop for fun - Okay, here's what I do best. I LOVE to shop. I don't have to buy anything, I usually don't, I just love being in a store looking. My kids are pretty used to it and are usually pretty good (usually, except for the times they are grabbing everything, screaming, whining, etc.) So my favorites are Target (a little bit of something for everyone), Roberts, and Barnes & Noble.

get some fresh air - See "Keep the kids busy" above (except for the McDonald's playground, no fresh air there).

splurge - Target, Robert's, and (I buy almost exclusively used). This answer looks eerily similar to "shop for fun." Hmmmm?

drive for a weekend away - St. George or Las Vegas

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