Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mom or Daughter?

All my family knows how much Mara looks like me when I was little, but for those of you who didn't know me then I thought I would put up some random pictures of myself when I was young and some random pictures of Mara. The resemblance is uncanny.

Karl made this last summer after getting a picture of Mara being caught-in-the-act stealing some candy. He just couldn't let it go by without comparing it to a picture of me being caught-in-the-act as well.

I just have to add that whenever my old pictures get pulled out, Mara always says, "There's Mara." And she will argue with me that they are pictures of her and not me.


Brittney said...

How cute is that? You two are cute girls! I especially love the candy stealing comparison picture. Isn't it scary the things that get passed on!

Wendy said...

Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog & saw the picture of you in mom's living room! You & Mara certainly DO look alike. Now for the surprise. You and I used to have the same argument when you saw pictures of me in Greece (3-4 yrs old). Mom said I looked like my aunt Suzy.

Now I'm going to rat YOU out. There is no English spelling, so...

Monnersissel - motorcycle
Filicent - elephant
Basketti - spaghetti (I used to say the same thing)
I'm still trying to remember helicopter - it was equally whacky.

We used to play 3 Little Pigs in mom's broom closet. When you were the piggy it was "not by the hair of my sinny-sin-sin"

All your stories started "Once about a time"

You were in love with Mighty Mouse. You'd stand in front of the TV with your hands clasped together & say "Oh, Mighty Mouse, I LOVE you!" Then you'd run to the TV, hug it & give him a big kiss. (Sorry Karl!!!) "I wish Mighty Mouse would come & save ME!!"

shari said...

Imagine MY surprise when I read your comment! How funny... you really did rat me out, didn't you? It was great to hear from you.