Monday, April 21, 2008

Red vs. White Game

On Saturday the Utes had their Red vs. White game. (For those who don't know what that is it is just a scrimmage game.) It was free, and they had autograph signing afterward. Karl and Cruz went, and had a blast! Eric Weddle (former Ute and current San Diego Charger) coached the white team. Apparently, at some point in the game he went out on the field to kick the ball (no pads) and when it was blocked he chased down the guy running the ball back. I'll emphasize again - no pads. I think that play was the highlight of Karl's day. Cruz's favorite was getting his picture taken with Coach Whittingham and his autograph. I don't know who had more fun, Karl or Cruz.
Karl & Cruz watching the game.
Eric Weddle playing with no pads.

No "face mask" was called on this play. What do you think the call should have been?

Cruz on the 50 yard line.

Cruz getting his hat signed by Coach Whittingham.

Cruz with the Coach.

Cruz's autographed hat which is now hanging in his room, never to be worn again.

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Lloyd said...

Way to do Cruz!!! You are a super-hero, aren't you?