Monday, December 10, 2012

Letters to Santa

For Family Home Evening we wrote our letters to Santa. As you might expect, this was a pretty exciting night for everyone. After painstakingly narrowing our Christmas wishlists down to only two items we got to put them on our Christmas tree.

Normally, Santa's elves will sneak into our house during the night and whisk our letters off to Santa, but this year they must have had a very busy night because our letters were still there when we woke up! But you will never guess what happened... while we were getting ready for school those sneaky elves crept into our house and took our letters! They did it while we were awake and nobody saw them! We have no idea how they did it, but we are pretty sure magic was involved.

That caused no small stir in our house and, as a result of all the excitement and speculating as to how this feat was accomplished, we were late for school. Oops. Those elves even left a trail of cookies leaving our house. Now how can you not be late for school after something like that I ask you? The answer is, you cannot.