Sunday, September 7, 2008

Yesterday I Cried!

Yesterday I cried and cried. Here is why....

I heard Karl ask the boys to check on Mara, and then I heard Karl say, "No!" and take off running upstairs. I was wondering what on earth was going on and just then Kenyon came running in and said to me, "Mara cut her hair and she looks like a boy!" I couldn't believe it.
I know the pictures look bad enough, but they don't do justice to how bad it really was. There are parts that are so short it looks like she used clippers. My little girl with the beautiful, long blonde hair that everyone always complimented her on. Her beautiful hair....gone. I cried and cried. (The pregnancy probably had something to do with all the crying.) She thought it was great until she realized she couldn't just put it back on. Then Karl said, "All your beautiful princess hair is gone." She lost it. She cried and screamed. She was inconsolable.
I didn't know what to do. It was so bad. I didn't think there would be any way at all to make it look even halfway decent. So, I called a lady in my ward that does hair. Lindsey said to bring her right over. She looked at it and said she thought we would just have to go with a pixie cut. I told her to do whatever it took to make it look decent. She started cutting, and decided that she might not have to go quite as short as a pixie. She worked a miracle, and just look at my beautiful little girl...

It looks so much better than I ever could have hoped for. When you look at it closely you can still some cuts that couldn't be fixed, but Lindsey did a fantastic job of covering them up and making them blend in. So, thank you, thank you Lindsey. I don't know what I would have done without you. It looks better than I could have hoped for. It actually turned out to be a really cute haircut.
So, her long beautiful hair is gone (and I'm still sad about that), but she still looks adorable.

Mara's Birthday!

Mara had her 3rd birthday on Sept. 2nd. She was so excited for her princess party. She talked about it for weeks. Finally the big day came and she was so happy.

I wanted to keep the party simple, so she invited 2 friends, Evey and Natalia.

They got to dress-up like princesses, complete with lipstick and nail polish. Aren't they cute?

The adorable birthday princess.

Mara with her Little Mermaid birthday cake.

The highlight of the presents was a new baby "Darla." For those that don't know, Mara got this doll for her birthday last year, but lost it at church in January. She cried about it for weeks, and every couple of weeks since would talk about how Darla missed and and how Darla was sad. She was even talking about her a week or so before her birthday. It was so sad, so for her birthday we just had to replace her. Mara was sooooo excited.

Our beautiful birthday girl. We love you, Mara!

First Day of School

So, I am finally getting to the first day of school. Cruz's 1st day was so fun for him. He wanted me to take him to school. When we got there they had some Army troops there with this big Hummer. The kids could get in the Hummer and the troops were giving the kids high-fives on their way into the school. He thought that was great! He had a great 1st day, and really liked his teacher.
The kindergarteners started school the next week. Kenyon was sooooo excited. I took him to school, but the principal was at the front door of the school not letting parents in. That upset me. I could see asking parents not to go into the classrooms, but at least let me make sure he gets to the right spot. I was not very happy about that. Luckily we had Cruz. Cruz took Kenyon's hand and took him to where he needed to go. I probably wouldn't have let him go if I didn't have Cruz. He had a great day and he loves his teacher. He got to ride the bus home for the first time at the end of the day. What a big boy he is. I can't believe I have two kids in school!

Kenyon's 2nd day of school he and Cruz got to get on the bus together in the morning. It was fun to see them getting on together. I can't believe how big my kids are getting!