Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mara's Birthday!

Mara had her 3rd birthday on Sept. 2nd. She was so excited for her princess party. She talked about it for weeks. Finally the big day came and she was so happy.

I wanted to keep the party simple, so she invited 2 friends, Evey and Natalia.

They got to dress-up like princesses, complete with lipstick and nail polish. Aren't they cute?

The adorable birthday princess.

Mara with her Little Mermaid birthday cake.

The highlight of the presents was a new baby "Darla." For those that don't know, Mara got this doll for her birthday last year, but lost it at church in January. She cried about it for weeks, and every couple of weeks since would talk about how Darla missed and and how Darla was sad. She was even talking about her a week or so before her birthday. It was so sad, so for her birthday we just had to replace her. Mara was sooooo excited.

Our beautiful birthday girl. We love you, Mara!


Stacy and Justin said...

You do have a cute little princess on your hands!

Lloyd said...

What a great time Mara must have had!!! She was "queen" for the day instead of princess. It looks as if all three little girls really had a fun time. You are making great memories for Mara.