Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Tell All - Laughing Out Loud

This weeks question is "What makes you laugh?" That's easy, my husband. I love that Karl is so goofy and will do all sorts of stupid things to make me and the kids laugh (see the "What Happens When Karl is Left Alone" post below). He is always doing crazy things to make us laugh. Pride is not an issue. It doesn't matter how ridiculous it makes him look, if he thinks we'll enjoy it, he'll do it. Aside from the goofy things, he is just a genuinely funny guy. He makes me laugh more times a day than I could even count.

The other thing that makes me laugh are my kids. Just look at their funny little quotes. They say, and do, the funniest things. They sure liven up my life, and I never know what they're going to do next, but they definately keep me laughing.

I love to laugh, even if it is at myself (which happens frequently). How could we make it through this crazy world without finding humor and joy in the little things? Laughter is truly the best medicine.

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