Monday, March 31, 2008

Lost School Bus

Last week Cruz had a substitute bus driver. In the morning he arrived at the stop about 7 mins. early. There were quite a few kids that weren't at the bus stop yet (Cruz was). I wonder how many parents had to take their kids to school that morning?

So, we wondered what would happen when he came home. He usually gets home about 12:17 to 12:20. I think the latest ever was 12:26, and that was the first day of school. Well, it was 12:30 and still no sign of the bus. I told Karl that if it wasn't here by 12:35 I was calling the school. At 12:34 we see it coming. It is coming from a completely different direction than usual (it wouldn't even be the direction he would come if he did the route backwards). We can see two stops from our house. He goes towards the other one first, stops at a different place than the stop is supposed to be, and then tries to do a u-turn on our tiny little street. So finally here he comes, toward our stop. The stop is right across the street from us. He stops clear down the road, and I see Cruz and the other little girl get off. As the bus drives by our house I see the bus driver reading a paper (I assume it is the route). None of the Kindergarteners are in their seats. They are all standing at the front of the bus. I asked Cruz why all the kids were at the front and he said the bus driver was asking them where to go! So, at 12:40 Cruz finally made it home. From the looks of things, we're lucky he made it at all.


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That's awesome! At least it's a tangible example of why even your kindergardener needs to knows how to get home! I'm glad Cruz actually made it!