Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun Easter Weekend

On Saturday morning our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt in the park behind our house. The kids had so much fun. There was a pretty good turn out, and a ton of eggs. Our kids ended up with about 80 eggs.

After the hunt we went to visit Grandpa Schempp for his birthday and spent the day there. The kids got to color their Easter eggs at Grandma's house, and they loved that.

When we woke up on Easter morning the Easter Bunny had come and filled the kids baskets and hid all their eggs.

After church we took Easter pictures of the kids, then each of the kids took a turn hiding the eggs for the others, and then we had our traditional ham dinner. YUM!
If any of the pictures are too small you can click on it to enlarge it. We had a great weekend, and hope everone else did, too. Happy Easter!

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Lankford Family said...

Hey Shari-

So where did you get this cute layout? I have been looking for a new one on Pyzam but if I get one there it puts an ad for them on the top of my page. Thanks!