Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm a little slow getting this post up, but better late than never. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent it with Karl's family at his sister's home in Pleasant Grove. She and her husband did a great job of hosting, so thank you Lisa and David. The kids love to help in the kitchen, so everyone got in on the preparations for our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner.

Mara helping to roll pie crust.

Cruz adding ingredients to the stuffing.

Kenyon stirring the stuffing.

I love that the kids enjoy helping in the kitchen. It is definately more work and time consuming that way, but it is so worth it to spend the time together and allow them the chance to help with the dinner. They feel so proud when they see the finished product of something they helped to make. We had a great Thanksgiving this year and hope you did, too.


Lisa said...

Everything you brought was so tasty. I had no idea you had such great help!

Lloyd said...

What great helpers you have!!!
They are learning good work habits thanks to you.