Friday, December 19, 2008

Early Christmas

Over the past few months our camera has been having some problems. They seem to be getting worse and worse, and we've been affraid that it was going to die. What would I do without my camera?! So, Karl recently found a great deal on a new camera. We talked about making that our Christmas present this year, but hadn't decided for sure. Well, today Karl surprised me by showing me our new camera! He ordered it last week, and it arrived today. I'm so excited. It is amazing how technology advances. Our last camera we bought when Kenyon was born. This camera is soooooo much nicer, and we spent way less on it than we did on the first one. Anyway, I've been having a blast today taking pictures and checking out all the great things that this camera does. I'm so happy!!

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Wright Family said...

Oh, you so deserve that after two plus weeks of kids sick at home. Hope your weekend brings you healthy kids and fabulous pictures!!!