Friday, December 5, 2008

Letters to Santa

One of our family traditions at Christmas time is writing letters to Santa. In the evening we all sit down and write our letters to Santa. Then we put each in its own envelope and place them on the Christmas tree. Sometime during the night one of Santa's elves slips into our house and takes the letters from the tree to deliver to Santa. The kids are always so excited the next morning to see that an elf has been to their house and that Santa now has their letter. I just love Christmas and all the family traditions that make it so special. What favorite traditions do you have?


Stacy and Justin said...

That is a really cute and fun tradition for the kids! I will have to remember that! Love the background!

jamie said...

Hey, thanks for making me feel not quite so terrible :) I can only imagine how awful you felt!!!

One of my favorite Chrismtas traditions is our Christmas Eve fondue dinner - we only have this meal once a year, so it makes it special!