Monday, June 30, 2008


Saturday morning we went to the Lehi Round-Up Days Parade. Round-Up Days is a big week-long celebration. The highlight is the rodeo, but we aren't really rodeo people, so the highlight for us is always the grand parade. We got the same spot we had last year, and it is great. The kids loaded up on candy (honestly better than Halloween). I forgot my camera - again (I've been doing that a lot lately) so no cute pictures, but here were the highlights...

Candy, candy, and more candy

Sleeping Beauty blew Mara a kiss, and she got a hug from Belle - talk about being in heaven!

The T-Rex float - when the parade was over and we went to our car, it was parked right next to us, so Kenyon got to see it again.

High-fives with the policeman

One of the girls on one of the "royalty" floats blew Cruz a kiss. He was soooo embarrassed, and I don't think he appreciated it very much.

The beads someone threw to Mara. She thought she was one of the royalty after that. Everytime one of the floats would go by with some royalty or other (she called them all princesses), Mara would wave at them so big and show them her necklace like, "Look, I'm one of you!"

One guy throwing candy took one look at Mara, walked over to her, and laid a HUGE pile of candy right at her feet.

So, we had a fun time and have no pictures to document it. Oh, well. At least we have the memories.

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Lloyd said...

What fun!!! Glad all of you got to go to the parade. Sounds as if you made some people happy by having your cute kids there.