Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fishing at Cabela's

Today Cabela's had free trout fishing for kids outside the store. We had to wait in line FOREVER and then none of the kids caught anything, so when our turn was over Mara cried and cried, and Kenyon is still crying about it 3 hours later. The batteries in the camera died, so I didn't get any pictures. The up side - the kids all got free hotdogs, chips, and water, and since my children are the worst eaters in the world, Karl and I got free lunch out of the deal as well. Then we went inside and the got to see the fish get fed, and all the animals. That is always a hit, so they ended up having a good time. Now if we can just get Kenyon to quit crying about not catching the fish.

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Chicken Coop Crafts said...

We went to and it was a total bomb. Last yea they went all out and had a bounce house, rock climbing wall, prizes, and the kids got bags with free hats and fishing accessories. What was with the fish this year? Bummer.