Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinos and Bird Houses

On Tuesday the Hutchings Museum had a Dino Day. Of course, we couldn't miss that. Marissa, Ian, and Mia went with us. We got there early just so we could get a good spot right up front for the show. About 2 minutes before the show started they came in to tell us that they were moving the show to a different place. So much for arriving early so we had the good seats. We ended up on the second to last row. The guy presenting the show did a really good job, and the kids were able to see everything really well, so it worked out. Then they got to see a dinosaur puppet show. They thought it was great when T-Rex ate Barney (even though they do like Barney).

After a quick lunch at McDonald's, Marissa took her kids home and we went back to make birdhouses. Cruz and Kenyon were one of the last ones to get a birdhouse kit. A bunch of kids got turned away.:( Rather than stay out in the heat to make the houses, we came home. Mara took a nice, long nap, which worked out perfectly so I could help the boys make their bird houses. They helped hammer the nails in, and painted the bird houses themselves. Mara woke up just before Cruz finished, so he let her paint some of his. What a good brother.

I got bird seed to put in the houses, but then Karl told me that it was a house, not a feeder, so you don't put food in it. Whatever. The kids wanted to put seed in them, so they have seed in them. Karl helped us put them up, and we are already getting visitors. The kids are thrilled!

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Lloyd said...

What fun and exciting things you are doing. I bet the kids enjoy watching for birdies now. The birdies will love those nice birdhouses.