Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rough Start

It's a brand new school year and a brand new school!

Cruz is starting 2nd grade and Kenyon is starting 1st.

We had a rocky 1st day. Kenyon was scared and had several meltdowns before we ever made it out the front door. When we got to his class he started crying again, but his teacher was wonderful and he was okay to stay. The office put the boys on 2 different tracks, which means that one went to school from 8:00-2:15 and the other went from 9:15-3:30. That translates to 4 trips to the scool for me. That was horrible, but by the end of the day we had it all worked out and they are now on the same track.

Kenyon had a bad lunch experience, but Cruz came to his rescue. Kenyon hadn't finished all of his food when the rest of his class was done eating. He was actually done eating, but I think his teacher thought he wasn't finished. She told him to stay until he finished, and took the rest of the class to recess. So, there he was, all alone, not sure where to go, and thinking he couldn't leave until all his food was gone. He started crying. Then Cruz came into the cafeteria. He was looking for somewhere to sit and saw Kenyon crying. He came and sat next to him. When Cruz was done eating he took Kenyon to find his teacher. When they couldn't find her Cruz actually stopped the principal and asked him where Kenyon's teacher was. If you know Cruz at all you know what a big deal that is. He barely says a word to people he's known for years when they are speaking directly to him. He actually had to approach the principal and ask him a question. He stepped WAY out of his comfort zone to help his little brother. I am so proud of him!

The 2nd day of school I get a call from the office that Kenyon had missed walking home with his brother. He wasn't even supposed to be out of school yet. My first thought is that Kenyon is alone and scared again, and my second thought is of Cruz walking home alone. When I said that they weren't supposed to be out of school yet, she realized that there was just a mix-up. Cruz was still in class, and she sent Kenyon back to his class.

So, poor little Kenyon had a rough couple of days. I hope I can get him to go to school on Monday! But hopefully all the bumps are behind us and this week will be great. Keep your fingers crossed!


Lisa said...

WOW! I am impressed with Cruz. Way to step it up and talk to that intimidating principal. Way to go, Cruz!
And good luck, Kenyon. First grade has a lot of new "first" -- school lunch is hard!
Very cute boys. Sounds like all the kinks are worked out.

still figgurin' said...

That just breaks my heart for Kenyon. School can be so scary and overwhelming. I almost kept Calvin out to homeschool him, just b/c the others have all had some really tough experiences at school. But, what a great growing experience for Cruz! I bet Kenyon loves his big brother more than ever. You are such a good mom, and they are all such sweet, wonderful kids!!!!