Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

This is the sight we woke up to this morning...

And this is what my kids were doing at 7:00.

They don't have to start getting ready for school until 8:00, so they got a full hour of snow play in before school. Of course, I had to throw their mittens in the dryer so they would be dry in time for school. I don't think you're supposed to dry them, but it didn't seem to hurt anything.

Contrary to what many people think, I do like the snow. I just think there should be no more snow after Jan. 31st. But until then I will enjoy every minute of it - unless I have to drive. Yikes!
We've got about 6 inches or so, and it is still coming down like crazy. Can you guess what we'll be doing after school? Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow... hopefully it won't melt before then.


Brittney said...

I had a Doc App today in Provo at 9am, so you can imagine my disappointment when I woke up this morning. The first drive in the snow for the year us always the scariest, then I get used to it after that.

Karl Schempp said...
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Karl Schempp said...

Hey! Those are some great looking kids. What a great mom to take those great looking kids out in the snow so early in the morning and great with child. Those same great looking kids followed me down the stairs at 6:30 this morning excited about the snow. Great Job Shari! I love you very much!


p.s. If you thought I used great a lot there. See my post. It's Great!

Lloyd said...

Those "great" looking kids look as if they are having a "great" time alright. You got more snow than we did this time---we only got about 2 inches. Have fun with those "great" kids of yours.
Grandma in Elk Ridge