Monday, November 3, 2008


Halloween was a VERY busy, but very fun day. First, the kids got to wear their costumes to school, so everyone (including Mara) got in their costumes first thing in the morning. At 9:30 the boys had their costume parade at school. Mara, Karl, and I all watched our cute little guys parade around the cafeteria.

At 10:30 I got to help with Kenyon's class party. That was a blast. I love to spend time in the kid's classes, but especially on fun days. Kenyon had a great time, and I think he enjoyed having me there.
When I got home, it was time to start putting up our scary decorations. I have certain decorations that I put out only on Halloween day, and they come back down the next day. It takes a little while to get them all up, but it's worth it.

When Cruz got home from school we started our pumpkin carving. We always do it on Halloween day, but with things getting more hectic as the kids get bigger, I think we may have to start doing it earlier.

After pumpkin carving and pizza, it was finally time to get the costumes back on and head out for some trick-or-treating. I couldn't believe what beautiful weather we had. I was in a light t-shirt, and Karl was in shorts, and we were just fine. It sprinkled on and off, but it was so nice and warm. Every Halloween should be like that.

Finally, going through the candy. The kids made quite a haul. I can't wait until the candy is gone and the constant sugar rush is finally over.

We LOVE Halloween, but I'm kind of relieved it's over. Now for Christmas. Oh, I guess there is a little something called Thanksgiving inbetween there. I just love all these holidays!


Lisa said...

Very cute goblins! I want to know where Karl's costume is... my weed-eater is missing.

Lloyd said...

The kids look so cute. I bet they all had a grand time. The weather did really cooperate with you this year, didn't it?

The Williamson Family said...

The kids look so cute! I love the decorations on the house!