Saturday, November 22, 2008

Family Fun Night at School

Thursday was Family Fun Night at the boys school. We got to go and see some artwork and writing that the boys had done. They both had such cute stuff hanging up in the hall. They did a great job. Then the Kindergatners did a performance. Kenyon was so cute up on the stage in his shirt and tie. He did so well singing all the songs and doing the actions. I was so proud of him because at church he won't sing at all.

They performed 2 songs and a poem. I was trying to record them, but they were each very short, and we didn't really get any warning when they would start, so I missed all but the last line of the first song and I missed the very beginning of the poem and last song. Here are the two that I mostly got. Kenyon is on the second row from the top right about center. Don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom before you start the videos.

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Lloyd said...

What a fun time!!! Kenyon looks so cute. Isn't it fun to go to all the school functions when you have a kid involved?? Great memories!