Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Very Scary Dinosaur

Mara is learning all about dinosaurs from Kenyon. She was pretending to be "too-ah raptor" (that's Utahraptor). Although I am sure if Kenyon saw this he would tell her that Utahraptor doesn't make that sound, and then proceed to tell her the sound it makes, how many claws it has, that it is a carnivore, exactly what dinosaur is its favorite food, and all other important information. Then he would go get his Utahraptor, pull out his dinosaur encyclopedia, and compare the two noticing every minor error the toy manufacturer may have made, and asking me twenty times why they made the toy that way. Can you say obsessive, one-track mind? So, however inaccurate Mara's Utahraptor impression may be, it is still very cute.

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