Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow? I Guess You Could Call It That.

It has snowed twice so far and neither one has been very much. The kids wanted to go play in it. Since there wasn't much I told them to just put on coats, gloves, and boots. But I guess they were a little excited to break out the full suits. They were a little over-dressed for the occasion if you ask me.

How fun is a green snow angle? Is it even really a snow angel?

They tried sledding and building a snowman. Neither worked of course.

After about 15 minutes or so Cruz said, "This snow isn't fun." They all came in shortly after that.

Hopefully we will get "fun" snow soon.


Ben and Heidi said...

Oh yes kids are always so excited for the first snow! I am sure they just had so much fun.

Karen Brothersen said...

Karl better not check your blog!!!! It feels like Christmas! The background, the snow, the music! I love it!