Sunday, November 1, 2009

3 Days of Halloween

Our Halloween festivities began on Thursday. I took a fairy and baby spiderman to a party a a friend's house. We had such a great time. Thanks for being a great hostess, as usual, Mauri!

On Friday we took a fairy and a mouse to the school costume parade and saw a pirate and a vampire . Then I got to help with the vampire's class party. That pirate and vampire were so cute that I decided to bring them home with me.

But once they got home they started looking a lot more like 2 little boys than a vampire and pirate. We carved jack-o-lanterns, had dinner, and got ready for trunk-or-treat. Strange enough, that vamipre and pirate showed back up again just about the same time I couldn't find Cruz and Kenyon. Pretty soon the house was overrun. The fairy was back and I saw a little mouse scurrying around on the floor. I turned around to find a full-grown pirate. It scared me so bad that my hair turned black and stood up on end.

Since I couldn't find any of my family, I decided to take all the crazy things in my house along with me to the trunk-or-treat. I went to get in my van and found it covered in spiders and webs. Some one had taken our jack-o-lanterns out there, too.

We all had so much fun at the trunk-or-treat, and at the end we were told that we had the best costomes and they gave us a prize! Good thing I brought all these guys along with me and left my family at home.

When I woke up on Halloween morning my family was back. Good thing because I needed their help decorating the house for Halloween night, but as it stared to get dark all those crazy things started showing up again, and my family started disappearing again. But then the little fairy told me she didn't want to be a fairy anymore and before I knew what had happened, POOF, she turned into a witch! I didn't know fairies could do that. So this carzy group set off into the night to knock on doors and get candy. I left a bowl of candy at the door for any little ghouls that might come to our house. We had a very fun time. When we arrived home, we saw that some ghoul had taken our whole bowl of candy. Not just the candy, but the bowl, too! The pirate and vampire were pretty upset by the whole thing, and the little witch started to cry, "I don't want robbers on this earth!" she said.

We poured out the candy, and before long I looked around and all of my family was back again. What a crazy 3 days of Halloween this was!


Tosha G said...

wow that's a lot in 3 days. Looks like you guys had fun. Cute kids in their costumes.

Ben and Heidi said...

YOu guys all look great in your costumes! Halloween is such a fun time. You can be as crazy and silly as you like and no one things you are a freak :)