Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My parents visited us this past week. They came out to help us move (thank you so much!), and for Koen's blessing. We did a lot of work with the move, but we had a lot of fun, too. I didn't get many pictures with all the commotion of the move, but we did manage to get a few.

All Cruz wanted to do was play soccer with Stokes, so there was a lot of soccer happening this past week. There was also a lot of wrestling. We joke that my dad is a "jungle Jim." The kids loved dinner at the Mayan and watching Night at the Museum, which I highly recommend.

We had a great time with them in spite of all the work. Next time we promise to spend the whole time playing, and not working.

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Katie Lane said...

Your yard is amazing! I hope you guys are loving your new place! We're sad to see you go.