Friday, June 12, 2009

1st Place

This is a little belated, but Kenyon's kindergarten class was assigned a report that was due the last week of school. It was to be on any animal and they were given 3 weeks to prepare it. As you can imagine, Kenyon was VERY into this project. We spent almost all 3 weeks trying to pick just one animal. In the end he chose the cheetah. (I was actually surprised he went with something so normal, he had contemplated everything from the blue-footed booby to postosuchus.)

He wrote his report. He did it all himself. He chose pictures from the internet, which I helped him place in his report, and he did all the typing and writing. In addition to the pictures from the internet, he also drew pictures and colored in the map of where they live. He did a fantastic job. Then he was asked to present his report to the class. Again, he did a great job.

How did it all turn out? Apparently, I wasn't the only one who thought he did a great job, because his report got 1st place. I was so proud of him! Way to go, Kenyon!


Lloyd said...

This is such a big accomplishment for such a young guy----maybe signs of the future?? We are so proud of him too. You have such neat kids!!!
The old lady in Elk Ridge

J Hoyal said...

So cute!

Lisa said...

Very, very cute. What a terrific keepsake!

Anna said...

Oh the blue footed booby, what kid doesn't like that? We have these Time Life books and we found one in there....who would name a bird that? It's so awsome to have kids that like to be smart!