Sunday, April 12, 2009

Welcome Home!

Koen is home and we are both doing well. I know many of you have heard that we've had some problems, so here is the brief overview. The first night after Koen was born, they were concerned that he was showing signs of distress. They said they thought he was dehydrated, so they monitored him for a while and gave him lots of IV fluids and he was fine. He has been absolutely perfect since.
My oxygen levels started dropping. They were concerned at first that I might have a clot in my chest, so they took me down for a CT scan at midnight. That came back fine, but the die they had to put in my blood for the CT scan messed up my milk. Karl had to bottle feed Koen for 24 hrs. Then they thought I might have pneumonia. My doctor ordered a bunch of different tests for me, and then a few hours later the nurses came in saying that my oxygen levels were fine and I could go home. We were happy and came home.
The next day I started having real problems breathing, so I called my doctor. He told me that I wasn't supposed to be released from the hospital. He asked if they had done any of the test he ordered, the answer was no, and said that he had come in the next day to check on me and I was gone. He wasn't very happy that they had sent me home. He said I did have pneumonia, and called in some antibiotics, an inhaler, and some cough medicine (thank goodness, coughing is no fun after a c-section!).
So, I am now feeling much better. And Koen and I are both doing very well. Thanks to all of you who have called and stopped by to see how we are doing. It is great to know that so many people care.
I am so happy to be home with my sweet new baby. Welcome home, Koen!


The Williamsons said...

I'm glad you both are doing well! :)

Jenn said...

First of all, that is the cutest hat I have ever seen. He is such a cutie! I am very glad to hear you're both doing well. That sounds like quite some scares at first, but I'm glad you're feeling better. THat's the last thing you need right after you've given birth!

Katie said...

Cute guy. I am so sorry about all your problems! that is so scary! Please let me know if you need anything! I've thought about stopping by but my kid have been so sick I haven't wanted to bring what we have over there! We'd love to bring you guys dinner sometime.

Shari said...

Katie - thanks so much. Feel free to stop by anytime. We'd love the company!