Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things We Love About Fall

My sister-in-law did this for a post, and I thought it was a great idea, so here are some of the things we love about fall (some of the pictures are from last year and earlier)...

Colorful Leaves


The Cooler Weather

Hot Soups

Our Annual Trip to Hee Haw Farms


Hot Cocoa and Hot Apple Cider


I absolutely love fall. It is my very favorite time of year. Karl has always dreaded fall because it means that winter is on its way, but this year he is actually pretty excited about the change in weather. I think he's decided he likes having all the seasons. So I can finally say that our whole family loves fall and we are so glad it is here.

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Brittney said...

There is only one thing wrong with this post, they should be wearing blue, not red in the last picture:)Those are all my favorite things too! Plus, it is always nice to be pregnant in the cooler weather, don't you agree?