Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tagged - Picture Style

The rules for this tag are simple. You must drop everything you're doing and take the following pictures--WITHOUT cleaning up first!

1. Kitchen sink - it could have been worse.

2. Favorite room in the house - Mara's room is probably my favorite because it is pretty, but this is the most used and where we spend most of our time together, so I picked it.

3. Fridge - I know it's a mess. Please don't look too closely.

4. My closet -

5. Laundry Room - I think my washing machine is almost as old as me.

6. Self Portrait - This one was brave. My hair isn't done, I have no makeup on, and I have a huge cold sore.

6. What the kids are doing - the boys are at school, and Mara is playing CandyLand alone.

7. Favorite shoes - Now that it is starting to get colder, I will be wearing these most often. I love my slippers, and not just at home either.

8. My bathroom -

Thanks for the tag, Mandy! At first I thought, "I can't do this without cleaning up first," but I sucked it up and did it, and it was fun.

So, I am tagging... Anna, Brittney, and Jenn. Go on and do it... I dare you!


Spar-Mar Girl said...

That wasn't bad at all!!! You're house is in way better shape than mine!

David and Lisa (and sometimes Laken) said...

Your house is in GREAT shape. What a bold tag. I'm glad you didn't pick me. You are a saint.