Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kenyon is 5!

Kenyon turned 5 on the 19th. He decided that instead of having a birthday party he wanted the whole family to go to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. So the day of his birthday we let him open his presents in the morning.
Then we headed over to the museum.

For one of his gifts we let him pick out something from the gift shop at the museum. He picked a stuffed mammoth, and then spent a little of his birthday money on some prehistoric rhino.

After the museum, he got to pick somewhere to have lunch, so we had lunch at McDonalds.

After all that excitement, we went home. Kenyon got to play with his presents while I made him a cake. Then we all sang "Happy Birthday" and had cake.

It was a very full day, but lots of fun. I think was really glad he chose the museum over a party and so was I.

Happy Birthday, Kenyon! You make our home so fun. We love you!


Stacy and Justin said...

Happy Birthday Kenyon! I still remember when he was 3 and I was his nursery teacher, boy do they grow up fast. Good job mom on the killer birthday party!

Lloyd said...

Wow!!! A big five-year-old. He has grown up so fast. Don't you wish he could slow down a bit??
What a sweet Kenyon he is though. A neat little grandson. We sure do love him.