Saturday, January 26, 2008

Auto Expo 2008

Every year we go to the Auto Expo in January. It's something of a family tradition. This year Shari, Mara, and Kenyon were sick, so Karl and Cruz were on their own. They had a blast, of course.

Cruz was "the man" and won a t-shirt, a baseball cap, and an ice scraper. When I asked him what he was going to do with the ice scraper he said, "I will save it and when I am a dad I can use it to get the snow off my van."

In the category of "Favorite Car," the winners are (drum roll).....

Karl's favorite:

Cruz's favorite:

Oh, how we love to dream!

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flinfam said...

I SO thought of your family when I heard the Expo was in town! I wondered if you'd make it up. I also saw that 6 and under were free and particularly thought your family would love that!
Great blog! I'm glad to see it up. I'll link yours from mine!