Monday, November 26, 2012


Today was a bad day. 

A really bad day. 

It started of like any other day. Get the kids up, get ready for school, out the door, and off they go on their bikes and scooters with their friends. Koen and I cuddle up on the couch to read a few books. Maybe 10 minutes pass and then there is a knock. I go to the door and what do I see?

Yep! (Only imagine more blood.) 

Check out those teeth (only imagine them covered in blood).

Face plant off his scooter onto a driveway. I'll let you in on something... teeth and concrete don't mix.

So we had an emergency trip to the dentist. It will be 5 days before he can fix them to give his gums time to heal. He is not a happy camper. Poor, Cruz!

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Shannon said...

Tell Cruz that it is no sweat. Broxon did that same thing to his front tooth last year. He tripped over some string and landed on some very sharp rocks. He broke his tooth and got 5 stitches in his eyebrow. I was afraid the tooth would be able to be repair it being a permanent and all. He was in the chair 30 minutes tops :). Never fun to go through. Sorry you had that happen Cruz :(