Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Shovels and Letters to Santa

Apparently snow shovels are good for more than just shoveling your sidewalk and driveway. They are also good for shoveling your backyard.

So you can make a big pile of snow. (With as much snow as they were shoveling, I'm not sure why their big snow pile is not so big.)

What's better than playing in the snow all day, coming in for hot cocoa, and finishing out the day by writing letters to Santa? We place our letters on our tree before bed and during the night the elves come and take them to Santa.

The elves must have been very busy this year, because it took 2 days for them to come. The anticipation was almost too much to take.

I have gotten very behind with my bloggin for this month. I can't imagine why. It's not like I am insanely busy at this time of year or anything. :) But I am trying to be good and get caught up, so check in often this week.

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Ben and Heidi said...

that is pretty funny about the shoveling the back yard! And I love that tradition of leaving the letters on the tree or the elves to come get.