Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mara's 4!!!!

Mara's 4th birthday was on the 2nd. She wanted to have a fairy tea party.

So of course we had to get her a fairy dress-up for the party.

She loved her party.
That evening Jake came over and we all went to McDonald's for dinner. Hopefully as the kids get older they will get a little more creative than McDonald's for their birthday dinner. Then we came home, opened presents, and had cake. She had a very fun day, and she is already making plans for her next birthday.

Mara, you are such a fun, sweet girl! You add so much to our family. We are so blessed that you are part of our family. We love you!!!


The Williamsons said...

She looks beautiful! What a fun party!!

Ben and Heidi said...

The girls sure had a fun time at the party!