Saturday, March 28, 2009

Denial Can be an Ugly Thing (or Very, Very Cute)

This video cracks me up. It is typical Mara. Anytime Mara thinks she might be in trouble for something, her first reaction is denial. She will stick by that denial no matter what, even if she is caught with her hand in the cookie jar (or the Vaseline jar).

And for those who may think that she wasn't "playing" in the Vaseline, but rather trying to put it on, she was totally playing, but then tried to look innocent once she knew she was caught. It's all part of the act.


Lloyd said...

This is so funny and so cute. What a little doll!!!

The Williamsons said...

That is so funny! Bet she has nice shiny lips after this!!

Wendy said...

By the time you're finished with poor little Mara, you will be outed all over the place. Can't see the video (in what's left of my lifetime) since I have dial-up. What I read is something about shiny lips - ???? Ask your mom about the time you smeared it all over in your HAIR. That was lovely!!!!! Don't cast stones my girl.