Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Beane Museum

Cruz's class took a field trip to the Beane Museum at BYU last week. So, what do you think my die-hard little Ute fan thought about that? He was excited... because this is what he wore

He thought it was great wearing his Utah clothing to BYU. He has a Utah t-shirt under his hoodie, and he even wanted to wear these paticular shoes because they have a red stripe down the side. Look at that grin. He thought this was a great joke. How was his day? Nobody said anything about it to him, but when he went into the museum they stamped a blue cougar on his hand. He was not happy about that.


Karl Schempp said...

MuHaHaHaHa! Yes! That's my boy! We all know blue washes off, but red is in all of us. Shari forgot to mention the best part. The night before BYU lost to Utah 94-88. This made it even better!

The Williamsons said...

That is so funny.. I wonder where he learns that from? Hmm... (looks at the comment above)