Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Steal or Not To Steal

Cruz's first Jr. Jazz game was last night. He has been soooo excited for weeks. He has two of his really good friends on his team, so that made it even better. He did really well, and even stole the ball twice! The problem with that is that the younger age groups aren't allowed to steal the ball. But the official never said anything about it, so he got away with it both times. He took shots off both steals, but didn't make either one - Darn! He was VERY proud of himself, and we thought he did great for his first game. The video shows one of his steals. He's number 31. (The music is on the slide show. You can turn it off by clicking the mute on the upper left side of the slide.)

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Lloyd said...

Way to go Cruz!!!! I bet he had fun. Your life is getting busier now, isn't it?
Grandma S